Top Casino Games Rules

Casino rules can vary depending on whether you are playing online or not. It is important that you stick to the rules set by casinos, if you do not you risk being banned and you will be unable to take part in games.

Some of the most obvious rules of playing through online casinos are age restrictions, the terms and conditions of new member bonuses, deposit and withdrawal policies. It is advised that you always read the fine print of the terms and conditions and adhere to the rules. The most important rule when playing either online or in a casino is that you are over the age of 18, this age restriction can also be 19 or 21 depending on the country where you are.

The rules surrounding the terms and conditions of new member bonuses may be that in order to claim the bonus you are required to make a deposit of an equal amount. You may be required to make several deposits before you are able to make withdrawals. There may be a minimum amount required when making a deposit and the same can be said for withdrawals although this will be a maximum amount. Many casinos have deposit limits of $10 and the withdrawal limits may $3000 – $5000 always check out the limits so you can be sure to claim all your winnings.

If you are not playing through an online casino the rules will include dress code, table or game manners, no photography or video recording. Some casinos have a relaxed dress code for those who wish to play slots, so casual clothing will be acceptable, however if you wish to take part in other games such as poker, craps or roulette the dress code is usually smart casual and people will not be permitted to play if they are wearing sports clothes, such as jogging bottoms or tracksuits. The more high end casinos have a formal dress code so you will only be allowed entrance if you are wearing smart clothes such a trouser suits, dresses or evening gowns.

Rules regarding table and game manners are, only people who wish to play the specific game are permitted to take a seat at the table, don’t attempt to play at more than one machine as people often try to take advantage of players who are not paying sufficient attention to their machines, and they will swoop in to claim the jackpot as soon as your back is turned.

Photography of any kind is not allowed in casinos, this is because the amount of money which is held on the premises and for the protection of the players. You may have all seen the oceans 11 movie, where Brad Pitt and George Clooney devise a plan to steal money from a casino, the risks of people actually doing this are very real. If you try to enter a casino with a camera you may be asked to leave or store it in a reception locker.

Please remember to gamble in a responsible fashion, winning and losing are all part of the game and it can be easy to get carried away. Limit the amount that you are willing to spend and have fun!