Las Vegas The Roller Coaster City

You may be terrified by the thought of being strapped into a roller coaster, or you may love the thrill and adventure that comes with them. The city of Las Vegas might be for you if tall and speedy roller coasters are what you desire.

Rolling Through Vegas Hotels

Of course, Las Vegas is well-known as “Sin City” because of its gambling,drinking and party atmosphere, but it is also becoming popular for the amazing roller coasters its hotels offer. The ride named SPEED will catapult you and your friends to 45 miles per hour within 2 seconds and 70 miles per hour within a total of 4 seconds. SPEED can be found at the world famous Sahara Hotel and Casino which is down by the Stratosphere. Believe it or not, it is the forces of gravity and electromagnetism that allow you to gain such high speeds in such a short amount of time on this ride On the 1,365 feet that the ride entails the passengers are thrilled by high-speed turns, a loop, and a 90-degree incline. Along the ride on this roller coaster people will travel both forward and backward through the Hotel Marquee, and an underground tunnel, in addition to flying alongside Las Vegas Boulevard. This so-called “little” roller coaster has a lot more than just a bit of SPEED, in fact you actually reach 3.5 G’s of force at certain points. What a feeling!

The Manhattan Express, Las Vegas strip’s biggest roller coaster is something you definitely don’t want to miss you if you are a roller coaster fan. Top speed on this huge coaster is 67 miles per hour. You’ll get to experience loops, dives, dips, twists, turns and even a unique heartline “twist and dive” all while reaching heights of 203 feet. You’ll ride around on the 4,777 foot ride and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the New York New York, all while sitting in a train that is designed to be a taxi-cab. The views, drops and insane loops on this roller coaster make it a must ride.

Have you been searching for a roller coaster with more loops and corkscrews? Well, you will be in luck when you experience The Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus which is actually the only double cork-screw, double loop combination ride in the nation. The exhilarating twists and turns truly give this roller coaster some punch, and even though 55 miles per hour is not considered “super fast”, you’ll find the ride is still well-worth the price of the ticket. The Canyon Blaster ride is a total of 2,000 feet and at the same time you get a great view of the Adventuredome.

Some say that the High Roller located at the top of the Stratosphere Tower is more of a kiddy coaster due to the fact that it only reaches speeds of 30 miles per hour and has a drop of 30 feet, but its location at 900 feet above the ground makes up for that. For those of you that are afraid of heights this could be quite the thrill. Even if this ride is not the extreme roller coaster you are looking it is still worth the ride for the spectacular views of the city that it offers.

Your thirst for high adrenaline rushes and high speeds along with loops and corkscrews will all be quenched if you visit Vegas. On your visit in Las Vegas, you’ll have more options than you can perhaps imagine for lodging accommodations, including thousands and thousands of hotels, and luxurious resorts available from the Bluegreen corporation. So book your trip today and see how many roller coasters you and your family can discover in the wonderful world of Las Vegas.